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Drives Beware: Its Pothole Season

March 16th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

With the winter weather behind us, motorists’ concerns about dead car batteries due to the bitter cold have dissipated; however, last week’s melting snow and warmer temperatures brings a new worry to motorists and their vehicles: potholes. Potholes form when moisture collects in small holes and cracks in the road surface. The moisture expands and contracts when temperatures go up and down.  This breaks up the pavement and, combined with the weight of passing cars, eventually results in a potholeheavy spring rains have only added to this prolific problem.  Driving through a pothole at a high speed increases the chances of damaging tires, wheels, shocks, or struts. As a result of the potholes that are currently plaguing our region, AAA Mid-Atlantic has seen an uptick in emergency roadside assistance rescues for tire-related issues.  During the first 15 days of March, the auto club handled over 19,500 calls for flat tires compared with approximately 13,250 calls in the first 15 days of February — a 48 percent increase.  AAA's Car Care Centers in the region have seen an increase in business as well, with vehicles having damaged tires and bent rims, and alignment needs.

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