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Economy Will Determine If Commuter Flight Service Is Still A Viable Operation At Local Airport

September 1st, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Most of the news being generated regarding the Greater Cumberland Regional Airport recently has had very little to do with actual matters or aviation. A change in leadership of the Potomac Highlands Airport Authority took place in February, after a contentious relationship between the authorities of former airport manager Terry Malone was severed. Since then however controversy has arisen over the decision to not allow the annual auto sports race on airport grounds, as well as an ongoing debate over which state laws to adhere too. The airport has not had commuter flight service from a major airline since US Airways Express carrier Air Midwest left in September 2001. But from 2001 the airport was served by a spinoff of the former Pan Am Airways group until May 2003. Current airport manager Ryan Shaffer says that the economy will ultimately determine whether or not commuter or corporate flight service can become a viable operation for the local airport…


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