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Editorial Calls Upgrades To U.S. Route 220 A Pipe Dream

March 1st, 2016 by WCBC Radio

A recent editorial in the Cumberland Times News suggested that the long discussed upgrades of U.S. Route 220- as part of the North South Corridor project- is something of a pipe dream at this point. The North-South Appalachian Highway Coalition of The Greater Cumberland Committee strongly disagrees. The editorial raised questions about where the project is going, when the work on 220 will begin and what properties- if any- may be subject to eminent domain. It points out that plans for an upgraded north-south route through the region have been on the drawing board for decades- and to date there has been more talk, than action. In a recent interview with WCBC News, the Committee’s executive director Brenda Smith said that ten years is a reasonable estimate for the project to come to fruition…

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