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Education Funding Expected To Be Dominant Issue Face State Lawmakers

December 4th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The 2020 session of the Maryland General Assembly won’t officially open until January 8th- however it is already widely known that education funding will be the dominant issue facing state lawmakers during their 90 days in Annapolis. Under the plan developed by the Kirwan Commission on Education- Maryland would phase in billions of dollars in additional spending. About $4 billion annually would be added annually a decade from now for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Republican Governor Larry Hogan has been vocal is his concerns with the proposal- saying that the commission “has failed to produce any plan to pay for its massive spending proposals” which he says will cost taxpayers more than $30 billion. The proposal, which includes a significant increase in teacher’s pay- not surprisingly, has the endorsement and support of teachers unions across the state. Cheryl Bost is President of the Maryland State Education Association says that polls show there is strong support for increasing education funding…


2 Responses to “Education Funding Expected To Be Dominant Issue Face State Lawmakers”

  1. December 04, 2019 at 7:59 am, David said:

    Always, always, always begging for more but never changing the how of education. More money is not the solution. They will raise taxes and demand more but in the end the results will be the same.


  2. December 04, 2019 at 9:57 am, Brian said:

    With more and more taxpayers leaving Allegany County Maybe this will drive the county into bankruptcy and the state will have to take care of us like they do Baltimore City


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