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Eight Democrats Weighing Run For Governor

October 2nd, 2017 by WCBC Radio

At least eight Democrats are weighing whether to jump into the wide-open party primary next year to challenge popular Republican Governor Larry Hogan for Maryland's top office. Almost the minute the 2017 General Assembly Session ended in April- the hopefuls began a race to raise money and capture the attention of party activists. Democrats see an opportunity to reclaim the governor's mansion in a state where they outnumber Republicans more than 2-1. Hogan, meanwhile, is working to become the first Republican to be re-elected governor in Maryland in more than 60 years. Governing as a GOP moderate with an independent streak, he has maintained favorable approval ratings deep into his first term. At this time, Hogan says his focus is on doing the job, not whether or not he will be re-elected…


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