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Fair, Pride Festival Look For Big Sunday

July 14th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Casting Crowns will be headlining entertainment tonight at the Allegany County Fair & Ag Expo. A large crowd is expected for one of Contemporary Christian Music's top concert attractions. Rides will open at 4 PM, with the Farm Bureau Queen Contest slated at 6 PM. The fair continues all week, through Saturday evening at the fairgrounds.

The Third Annual Cumberland Pride Festival concludes Sunday on the Downtown Cumberland Mall. The event is scheduled to run from 11 AM through 5 PM. Cumberland Pride is a community event to promote and support diversity in the Western Maryland region. The festival includes live music, drag performances, local vendors and community resources, and a walking march at the end lead by the 2019 Pride Queen.

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  1. Greg Clites:

    A family oriented Christian concert and a festival that celebrates sexual perversion all on the same day.

  2. Steve Faulkner:

    One celebrates God’s goodness and greatness. While the other promoted what Gods other promotes what God’s Word says is an abomination. God please help us. is an abomination.

  3. Furener:

    > Well stated; it is good to see that someone else notices how queer, in the proper sense of the word, things are around here.

  4. kevin:

    > I don’t think your prayers to rid the nation of the abomination that is Donald Trump will have any effect – we’ll just have to vote him out.

  5. kevin:

    > Well, you don’t have to go to the fair – I’m sure if the sheep could talk they’d have a reason so say baaaa.

  6. Steve Mace:

    How many good people of God who are against homosexuality have had sex out of wedlock?

  7. Jon:

    Sexual perversion sounds way more interesting than listening to songs about a made up sky wizard

  8. Paolo Primavera:

    Opinions are like butts, everyone’s got one. Donald is not the problem; illegal immigrants,lazy individuals, freelancing people who expect free everything,criminals, fraudsters, crooks, and thieves are the problem. Love is needed with respect for your fellow men, women, and children. I pray, Dear God help us all to be better in everything we do.

  9. Michael:

    Gotta love small towns. Welcome to the 1950’s

  10. kevin:

    > You’re talking about Trump’s White House not undocumented aliens. BTW – Trump himself has a long history of hiring them because they work hard for less money and can’t complain about being abused. Trump made the problem much worse, reversing the downward trend of the Obama years.

  11. Paolo Primavera:

    Truth and honesty be told, if you come into the United States of America by any other means than the legal crossing at our border, you’re committing a crime and breaking our U.S. Law. If you do come in legally and then don’t follow through with the required procedures to stay here and disappear into our communities you are Breaking the Law. We are where we are today for numerous reasons. We as Americans NEED to respect and enforce our laws. If there’s something wrong with our laws,there’s a procedure to change them. But in the interim We Need To Respect, Obey, and Help Enforce them. After all we are Americans first and foremost. We need to maintain order and follow the rule of law, NOT encourage the opposite and tear this great nation apart. You know that old saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them. That’s how the U. S. can and will fall and fail. Remember the history lessons you learned years ago. AMERICANS STAND UP AND BE HEARD AND HELP AMERICA GET BACK ON TRACK AND WORK TOGETHER TO KEEP AMERICA THE GREAT COUNTRY IT IS. Work with our leaders to make changes where necessary and let’s be Proud Americans.

  12. kevin:

    > Truth and honesty be told you are flat out wrong. An amnesty claim does not have to be made before entering the country – U.S. law and international law address that. People making a claim are entitled to be here pending the investigation and resolution of their claim. Apparently you and Trump did poorly in school together. All that these people want is the chance to be hard working, proud Americans. They are just too brown for Trump and the rest of the GOP.

  13. Paolo Primavera:

    I agree as an American Democrat that we have truly different opinions, that is AMERICA. Time will be the the deciding factor along with the majority of the voting public. I did not complete my doctorate, but I query your education history. Peace.

  14. Jay:

    I think you meant asylum and our laws clearly allow that. >

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