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Fake Marijuana Becoming Issue

March 1st, 2012 by WCBC Radio

They come in teabag-size packets and small vials about the size of a long thimble and have names like Legal Eagle Patriotic Potpourri and Rip its. They contain a mixture of herbs and chemicals and are labeled “not for human consumption.”  It’s fake marijuana- and according to local law enforcement and educators- it’s becoming popular among kids in the community. A press conference was held Tuesday afternoon at Allegany High School with a wide range of groups participating to spread the word that just because the stuff is legal- doesn’t mean it’s safe. To highlight the ease of availability of synthetic marijuana, Sheriff Craig Robertson said that, in full uniform, he has walked into a local shop and bought one packet and one small vial of the so-called potpourri using $21 of his own money…

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