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Farrell, Bohn & BOE Comment on Possible Violation of Sunshine Laws by Board

December 19th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Board of Education member-elect Bob Farrell was a guest on WCBC's Dave Norman Program this morning, commenting on the developing story involving a letter sent to newly-elected board member Wayne Foote. Farrell said he was astonished by the whole ordeal, including the fact that the newly-elected board members were isolated during the drafting process of the letter, rather than included in the board meeting.

Farrell believes that people should be as perplexed as he is- having elected the new members and already seeing the effects of the existing board towards them:

When asked what the next step was in gaining more information and rectifying the issues, Farrell commented that Dr. David Bohn has already contacted Gary Hanna, but was told more information and clarification couldn't be provided. 

Dr. Bohn was also a guest and detailed the conversation he had with Hanna:

In a reply to an inquiry from WCBC, BOE Public Information Officer Mia Cross replied:

"But just to confirm in case Tammy (Fraley) did not, there was no meeting yesterday afternoon.  There was a policy committee meeting with policy committee members. Dr. Bittinger was not present for the meeting, but Mr. Hanna, Mrs. Fraley, Mrs. Marchini, and Dr. Cox were, as they are regular members of the policy committee." 


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