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Farrell Continues Push for Officer in Every School

February 6th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Heading into the current 2018-2019 school year-   Allegany County’s had a total of nine SROs/security officers  serving the school system. While the current ratio of SRO’s exceeds most Maryland counties and exceeds the ratio that school systems nationally are striving to achieve-  School Board President Robert Farrell is continuing to push for an officer in every school in the system. Farrell, the one time chief of security for the system, tells WCBC News that he believes there is funding available in the current budget that would allow for additional hires…

2 Responses to “Farrell Continues Push for Officer in Every School”

  1. February 06, 2019 at 8:10 am, j.r. lepley said:

    I thought that s why the taxpayer s were paying the state police,sheriff s dept,and the city police,for!!!!


    • February 06, 2019 at 12:07 pm, kevin said:

      > Exactly.


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