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Ferris wheel to be moved from Ocean City Boardwalk

June 12th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

The huge Big Wheel Ferris wheel that returned to the downtown landscape late last week will be coming down next week after it was determined it was encroaching on the public Boardwalk.

On Monday, the Mayor and Council gave Trimper’s Rides, who partnered with Wood Entertainment to bring the giant Ferris wheel to the historic amusement part for a 40-day stint that began last week, a tight window to rectify a zoning violation caused by the attraction’s roughly 10-foot encroachment over the Boardwalk. The Mayor and Council gave Trimper’s one day to come back with a solution and late Tuesday afternoon, Trimper’s officials came to City Hall and informed City Manager Doug Miller they had little recourse but to remove the Big Wheel altogether.

The dismantling of the Big Wheel is expected to start on Monday, a process that could take several days. It will then be packed up and taken away. Miller said Trimper’s officials had little recourse but to totally remove the Big Wheel as reconfiguring its location would result in dismantling or moving other attractions in the park. The Ferris wheel’s encroachment over the Boardwalk triggered a zoning violation and the company has been fined since it was erected and will continue to be until the zoning violation is corrected.