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Finances Continues as Issue with Animal Shelter

December 20th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

For the second time this year the Allegany County Board of Commissioners appears to be having an issue over finances with the Animal Shelter. County Finance Director Jason Bennett, during Thursday’s meeting of the commissioners, introduced a letter into the record to be approved and sent to the shelter board. That letter is to notify board  members that the shelter has used it’s entire FY 2020 budget in the first six months of the fiscal year- and no additional appropriations with be forthcoming from the county until a new contract is agreed to.  Back in April, shelter management presented an ultimatum to the commissioners, demanding a budget increase or else they would turn operations of the shelter over to the county. That dispute was eventually resolved- but finances continues to be an issue-  with management routinely seeking advances of scheduled budget appropriations. Bennett said until a new agreement is reached- he recommends that the shelter be  cut-off…

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  1. Bill Brauch:

    So let me get this right.. Earlier this year the Shelter threatened to turn over the keys to the county unless they got a funding increase.. They got a small increase and kept control.. THEN they go and spend like their budget was doubled and are now out of money? Time to check into what Becky McClarran and friends are doing with the county’s money!

  2. mac:

    > Very succinct and also very sad.
    Why is there no oversight as they are a repeat offender?

  3. Kevin:

    This was a ridiculous idea from the word go. The county bailed out to save money and the cat huggers don’t have enough to fund their cat utopia. The reality is we are overwhelmed with animals because of irresponsible pet owners. The Park is over run with feral cats, they roam the neighborhoods looking for food, getting hit by cars, possible spreading disease and making the city a litterbox.

    We need to reinstate animal control as a paid county function – maybe Paul Kelly can do it. We need to kill the animals that cannot be adopted quickly and move on. In this county we deny a child a healthy lunch when he is short on his lunch bill, but we’re spending money to save cats and allow a cat lover an blank check to indulge her whims? No. No, No, hell no.

  4. Bill Brauch:

    Like President Trump, Becky and the current board of the Animal Shelter should be banned from ever being a member of another non-profit board. Total mismanagement and abuse of the trust of the citizens of Allegany County. Audit them and find the funds.

  5. LRH:

    > FULL Audit,…..audit, audit. about 10 years over do.

  6. Terri L Martin:

    Be it at the shelter or on the streets, The Animals should not be forced to suffer because of HUMAN IGNORANCE!
    I’d LOVE to see WCBC’S reporters investigate & report on both the County’s Oversight of this agency and especially the Shelter’s Management, Budgeting/Spending, Operations, etc, In addition to a Full Health & Humane Evaluation on the Shelter’s Animal Welfare & Care Services, Adoptions, etc!
    Equally important, the county & city, BOTH, need to look into creating some animal control policies to address local issues with citizens failing to spay/neuter their pets, abandoning pets, etc AND to find ways to both help citizens afford pet adoption, as well as to encourage more landlords become ‘pet friendly’! Too, Animal Cruelty is a CRIME! THERE NEEDS TO BE BETTER ENFORCEMENT OF These laws which can ONLY begin by law enforcement receiving HELP from the Shelter!
    There’s SO MUCH that CAN & SHOULD be happening, YET, It’s NOT! But, I’d betcha if ya polled tax paying citizens, very few would complain about tax dollars being spent on actually caring for animals, as long as it’s being done Responsibly!

  7. BILL:


  8. mac:

    > No need to shout.

  9. Ed Dodrill:

    The shelter needs new management … a total house cleaning. Keep the no kill – within reason – hire a manager and two assistants and add volunteers. Screen them and get good people. Not everyone is corrupt there, it just needs a fresh start.

  10. Paolo Primavera:

    When I spend over my budgeted amount, my checks bounce and I get charged a returned check fee that messes up my next year’s start up amounts and really cute what I have to spend then.

    A new requirement for these type of positions should require someone who can work within a budget. Let’s NOT beat a dead horse as that is actually animal cruelty as well.

  11. TB:

    Tina Rafferty needs to cut back her over $30,000 salary and extravagant lifestyle. She can live high on the hog and meanwhile has burned every vet in the area so they won’t do business with the shelter anymore.

  12. Lav:

    I bet if this was a human institution, the County wouldn’t balk at appropriating more funds…….

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