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Firsthand Account Of Fatal Fire

January 24th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

An emotional, horrifying firsthand account of Friday morning’s fatal fire that took the lives of two young children was relayed Monday morning on WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show” from one of the adults who was inside the home as it burned.   A rescued 7-year-old girl died of injuries a short time later and her 4-year-old sister was found deceased after fire swept through two of five row houses in the 300 block of East Harrison Street Friday.  The 6:05 a.m. fire claimed the life of Paige M. Ford and her younger sister, Jymera D. Ford.  Six others, including an 8-month-old boy, survived the blaze.  One of those was 23 year-old Sierra Cash who talked about the frantic efforts to get everyone, including the kids out of the house…

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