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Footer Building Continues as Eyesore

July 17th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

One of the biggest eyesores in the tri-state area is the former Footer Dye Works building at Canal Place.  Kathy McKenney, historic planner for the city of Cumberland, told WCBC News that while the city’s Historic Preservation Commission can rule on other projects for downtown, it does not have jurisdiction over the Footer Building.

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  1. July 17, 2012 at 6:01 pm, steve swygert said:

    That does not mean suggestions do not hurt does it?

    Sounds like a very non interested non committal attitude, if it is a reply taken in full context.

    How about a top floor of great studio apartments as a friend recently suggested and my idea of shops below for tenants and active art galleries and very reasonable prices to artist tenants on the floors in between.

    The hotel, given the right opportunity to embrace the area and it’s people, would likely be happy to compliment their business, which was designed and tastefully built unique to any of the companies other hotels, and has been doing very well since day one.

    That area can be the artist hub of Cumberland, and really should be, with music at canal place often, and vendors, etc., while the hotel or artists can offer free tours for guests, postcards for guests and tourists, etc.

    The attraction could bring more to canal place, and a StarBucks would do wonders I would honestly think, as much as I like the local coffee shops, nothing says coffee like a StarBucks to the out of town crew.

    Hell, give it to StarBucks!

    They support the arts well and I bet for free, they would do something with that building.

    Our contract says we have time to work with the hotel, and then the city can take steps in other directions if that does not pan out, if I recall correctly.

    I recently requested to be on The Economic Development Commission, and hope I can work closely with other caring local friends solving some of these issues and making suggestions, even when the decisions do not lie where I perhaps have authority, perhaps the idea shared to the right people is just enough.


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