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Footer Dye Works Marketing Could Be A Problem

March 20th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

The  chairman of the Canal Place Preservation & Development Authority says that the developer of the proposed restaurant pad at Canal Place still has control over the pad- and that could create some problems in trying to market the historic Footer Dye Works building. On the plus side, Chairman Andy Vick says he remains optimistic that Canal Place is “turning the corner” and that several new tenants could be announced in the near future. Vick says that Parcel B contains two parts — the pad and the Footer Dye Works building.  Cumberland Wineow Street Tract B LLC, the developer of the pad on the south side of Footer Dye Works, will maintain control until August 2013. If the developer is unable to move forward with the project by August 2013, then the project will revert back to Canal Place. The developer is still actively working to find an interested party for a restaurant or some other venture. A committee is currently working on forming a Request For Proposals for rehabilitating and restoring the Footer Dye Works building…

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