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Former School Board attorney looking to return

March 1st, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Board of Education is expected to select a permanent law firm to handle board affairs later this month- and the two options are familiar ones. During a special meeting,  Board President Robert Farrell opened the two request for proposal submissions sent to the board by the deadline: one from the current, interim board firm of Geppert, McMullen, Paye and Getty; and one from former longtime board attorney Gary Hanna. Dismissing Hanna, and replacing him on an interim basis with Mike Llewellyn of Geppert McMullen, was the first action taken by the newly sworn in school board in early January. That action took place in closed session and has been a point of some controversy with many citizens voicing concern at meetings since then that the consideration of the board attorney’s position should have been handled during a public session. The makeup of the board changed dramatically in January with Farrell and David Bohn joining Wayne Foote on the board with newcomer Deb Frank and holdover Tammy Fraley. Farrell, Bohn and Foote campaigned together and hold a 3 vote majority. A number of actions taken by the new board, including the attorney matter, have been approved by 3-2 votes. At Friday’s meeting, Farrell said interviews will take place with both law firms later this month in closed session- after which the board will make a selection. In a related matter, a constituent asked the board if the cost of using Llewellyn is higher than during Hanna’s tenure as board attorney. Farrell began to comment but was interrupted by Llewellyn who advised him not to address that matter- and that the constituent should submit a freedom of information request to the board offices

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  1. March 02, 2019 at 12:25 am, kevin said:

    Interesting. We can see where Atty. Llewellyn will come down on transparency.


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