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Franchot Remains Critical Of MD Gambling

March 20th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

When slot machine supporters in Maryland pushed for legalizing the gaming activity several years ago- it was under the guise of it providing hundreds of millions of dollars for education.  Comptroller Peter Franchot says it hasn’t worked out that way. Franchot, who was then and remains today a staunch opponent of gambling- both casinos and the lottery- says those promises have been broken.  A 2012 law  allowed all casinos to add lucrative table games, such as poker, craps and roulette. And it allowed the companies to keep 80 percent of the table game proceeds — while also reducing the share of slots money that goes to the education fund.  Franchot says that unfortunately those Marylander’s who can least afford to gamble are the ones being hardest hit….


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