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FSU Named One of Best Choice Schools’ Eco-Friendly Colleges

August 11th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Frostburg State University has been listed as number seven of 50 in Best Choice Schools’ ranking of the nation’s Eco-Friendly Colleges, a salute to schools that have unique structures or lifestyle characteristics that make them leaders in sustainability.
Best Choice Schools highlighted a number of academic opportunities for those students interested in pursuing a formal environmental education at FSU. More than 15 departments offer related courses or degrees, and the University recently opened its new Sustainable Energy Research Facility, which will be home to a variety of research projects. Focus Frostburg, a day each year set aside at FSU as a day of learning on environmental sustainability and climate awareness, was also noted, as was Frostburg Grows: Grow It Local Greenhouse Project, in which it is converting a reclaimed strip mine to an innovative 5-acre greenhouse and shade house complex designed to produce local food and tree seedlings and train community members to do the same.
All the schools have earned formal “green” ratings from one major agency or another, and most have been recognized by respected groups such as the Sierra Club. Each of the schools is also relatively affordable and has an estimated net price of under $25,000 a year – around or less than the level designated by Best Choice Schools. Tuition, room, board and fees at FSU are approximately $15,900 per year for in-state undergraduate students.

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