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Garrett County Awarded Bay Grant

December 29th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Garrett County has been awarded $70,000 from the Chesapeake Bay Trust to conduct a stormwater assessment within
the North Glade Run subwatershed in the Deep Creek Lake area. This subwatershed contains all or part of subdivisions
in areas along Glendale Rd, Beckman Peninsula Rd, Glen Acres Rd, Harvey Peninsula Rd, North Glade Rd and Sky Valley Drive.

Project objectives include:
(1) Assess the subwatershed to identify where stormwater issues exist.
(2) Determine the source of identified stormwater issues.
(3) Rank the identified issues based on the extent of their harmful impact on Deep Creek Lake.
(4) Identify recommended best management practices and mitigation strategies.
(5) Review the effectiveness of the process and document the procedure in order for the County to conduct similar
assessments in other subwatersheds in the future.

The project also includes two educational public forums to which all residents in the subwatershed will be invited. The
first will be to discuss the purpose, process and projected outcomes of the project, as well as to provide education on
the importance of good stormwater management. The second will be to present findings from the assessment, as well
as possible mitigation strategies and educate private homeowners and homeowners associations on stormwater
measures they can initiate to aid in proper stormwater drainage on their properties.


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