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Gas Tax Headed North

January 1st, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Maryland's tax on gasoline and diesel fuel will increase in the new year. The increase is part of the 2013 law that increases the gas tax in order to gradually imposing the state's 6-percent sales tax on motor fuels. Effective Thursday, the state's gasoline tax will increase by 2.9-cents-per gallon to 30.3-cents-a gallon. The new tax rate on diesel fuel will be 31.5-cents a gallon. Ragina Cooper-Averilla of Triple-A Mid-Atlantic says motorists may not notice the tax increase, as the price of gasoline has been falling. The average for regular is $2.45-per-gallon, down 8-cents over this time last week, and down nearly one-dollar a gallon compared to this time last year. The 2013 law also increases the gas tax annually based on the inflation rate. That increase is imposed every July.  Baltimore County State Senator Jim Brochin told WBAL News that he would introduce legislation to remove the link between the gas tax and the consumer price index.  He says that lawmakers should have to vote on future gas tax increases…

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