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Gov. Hogan Declines To Offer Endorsement To Any Current GOP Candidate

March 10th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan says he's embarrassed by presidential campaigns and he declined to offer an endorsement for any of the current GOP candidates, saying it's too early.  Hogan said Tuesday he's "not paying much attention" to the presidential primary campaign, because he's focusing on Maryland, which is more than halfway through its 90-day legislative session. Hogan spoke in response to a question about whether he would support Republican front-runner Donald Trump for president, if Trump wins the GOP nomination. Hogan, a Republican in a heavily Democrat state, says he doesn't know who the eventual nominees will be or if there will be a third-party candidate. He says "it's way too early to speculate about who he might consider once he pulls that curtain" at the voting booth…


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