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Gov. Won’t Seek Repeal Of State’s Gun Control Measures

February 23rd, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Although a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, Maryland’s new republican Governor won’t push to see the state’s strict gun control measures repealed. In December, a coalition of 21 states led by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey asked a federal appeals court to overturn part of Maryland’s Firearm Safety Act, which Gov. Martin O’Malley signed into law in 2013. The highly controversial law banned 45 assault weapons, limited the capacity of gun magazines to 10 rounds and required fingerprint licensing to buy handguns. Governor Larry Hogan tells WCBC News that the political realities are that there are limits to what he can do as long as Democrats retain control of both chambers in the legislature. The chances of a full repeal of the Firearm Safety Act are virtually nil and the other, Republican sponsored bills to chip away at the restrictions may never make it out of committee…


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