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Hogan Comments on Businesses Reopening in State

May 11th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Maryland has relaxed restrictions on outdoor activities and aims to begin phase one of its reopening plans this week- but Governor Larry Hogan fears that some companys may never fully recover from the impacts of COVID-19.  At his most recent press conference, Governor Hogan said the state is on track to reopen in the coming days thanks to flattening trends in the number of hospitalizations and ICU patients in the state. He was asked his thoughts on the process that will see businesses attempting to return to normal operations…

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  1. jim:

    Lockdown Larry does not want to be left behind with other states reopening now. So now he is selecting the data that fits his objective. Infections and deaths are not slowing but he is good as long as the hospital rate is not spiking.

  2. Lav:

    Time will tell. It’s too soon for a “grand reopening” imho.

  3. Mark:

    It’s OK if a lot of people die, especially the elderly & sick. We just don’t want them to all die at once is what they are saying. Money before lives- an American tradition!

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