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Hogan Orders State Guard to Protect 500,000 Obtained Tests

May 1st, 2020 by WCBC Radio

According to the Daily Mail, Governor Larry Hogan commented Thursday that the state's National Guard is currently protecting the 500,000 coronavirus tests he obtained from South Korea. The location of the tests being protected was not disclosed, as Hogan fears that the federal government would interfere and confiscate them. 

Hogan worked with South Korea for 22 days to secure the tests for the state after a stalemate between governors and the Trump administration on the lack of available tests. The tests landed at BWI-Thurgood Marshall Airport on April 18th. 

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  1. David:


  2. Kate:

    He fears the Federal government would confiscate them? Seriously? A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

  3. Jay:

    Protecting tests for Covid is grandstanding? Maybe Larry should call on the MAGA, right wing, assault rifle carrying militia that marched on the Michigan State House yesterday.

  4. Dan:

    > Really Jay? The National Guard needs to protect the tests. I don’t see a mad rush of people to acquire them.

  5. Dan:

    Larry Hogan is a RINO Governor following Cuomos lead.

  6. Kathy:

    Hogan spent 9 million dollars on these tests, why are they being guarded and not being used ?

  7. Welchy:

    This makes Hogan look crazy

  8. Jay:

    The tests can’t be used because MD doesn’t have the proper support materials needed to administer the tests. Hogan has stated that he is concerned that the Feds will confiscate the supply and send them elsewhere. That’s why the tests are being guarded.

  9. Kathy:

    If they can’t be used why the hell did he buy them.

  10. mac:

    Governor Hogan is scoring political points in protecting Maryland from the Trump regime.
    Granted this may be a little over the top but it does prove a point.
    If Trump wants tests he can go to the National Stockpile that he and Kushner have made off limits to the very states that make up the nation.

  11. Dan:

    > Feds have authority over the Guard!

  12. Dan:

    Scoring points with who? I, for one think he has done a horrible job!

  13. mac:

    > Well, not you obviously.

  14. Fedup:

    > maybe your not aware that the same idiots that have failed at preparing or coordinating the efforts to help states fight the pandemic have been seizing supplies from the same states they told to “mange it your self” so they can hand the supplies to governors that have praised their “efforts”. It’s criminal how this has been mismanaged from the orange administration. 60,000+ dead due to their incompetence and ruined economy. First it was almost zero, then a hoax. It will go away etc.

  15. hollywood:

    A little over the top Mac ?

  16. Mark:

    > It’s a sad state when Governors have to hide & guard medical test equipment from being stolen by a Reality show freak & moron of a President!

  17. hollywood:

    Yes, and all that from Mark ! a pseudo intellect, useless tool of nothingness, who if were born two thousand years ago would have certainly been a subject case in point of the definition of Exposure.

  18. hollywood:

    Stop fucking with Trump Mark, he is not your mother.

  19. Mark:

    > wow & lmao!! Keep going there Hollywood and show everyone what a complete moron & wacko buffoon you are!! LOL

  20. Mark:

    > And I loved this completely idiotic gibberish: ” born two thousand years ago would have certainly been a subject case in point of the definition of Exposure.” Born that way or are you into the heroin too? wtf? lol

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