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Hogan Responds to Strong Criticism

May 6th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has been subject to some strong criticism in recent days for failing to lift the stay-at-home order. Many states, including neighboring West Virginia, have eased restrictions and are implementing gradual re-opening steps. Hogan has taken a far more conservative, measured approach and that is not sitting well with many Marylanders including a caller to WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show” on Tuesday…

Meanwhile a group of Republican state lawmakers are among those suing Hogan in federal court over the orders- and on Saturday a ReOpen Maryland protest rally was held with Congressman Andy Harris comparing Maryland to North Korea. Hogan responded to the protesters and the critics on CNN’s “State of the Union” program Sunday…

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  1. Dan:

    Imagine that, a RINO Governor on CNN

  2. Jeff:

    We would be much better in Maryland if we had a democrat as governor who cared about us here in western md. William Donald Schaefer for example.

  3. Jay:

    WDS got us Kelly Corporate for 10 years after overseeing the departure of the main plant which started us on the downward spiral which we are still in to this day. Other than that he was pretty much a clown.

  4. Jay:

    I wasn’t a Hogan supporter at first but I am impressed with his leadership. If we had some of his qualities coming from the White House the whole country would be in a lot bette shape than it is now.

  5. Bob:

    > I had heard that the left was, remarkably, clamoring for Trump to be more of a tyrant but I hadn’t expected it here in the hills. We’re done, stick a fork in us.

  6. Lav:

    > I agree

  7. Kevin:

    > He also got Rt. 68 built, mostly while he was Mayor of Baltimore by giving up funds meant for a highway Baltimore no longer needed built.

  8. Dave:

    O yea I remember Donald, I worked at the Kelly. He used our tax dollars to build the new corporate head quarters, gave them 10 years tax free, after which they left and told us we could either get a job working on I 68 or use it to leave town and find work. I left town! WHAT A LEADER !!!!

  9. Bob:

    > He seems to have inspired you to do the right thing.

  10. Dave:

    Like a fire in a hotel INSPIRES you to jump out of a third floor window. I was inspired by my providing for my family. Not a governor that liked the middle of Maryland (Baltimore) and disliked both the ends.

  11. Dan:

    > That’ss because you are a Liberal

  12. James:

    I didn’t know Dave let toddlers call in and throw tantrums the show.

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