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House and Senate Considering Raise of Income Tax

March 3rd, 2012 by WCBC Radio

In Annapolis, leaders of the House of Delegates and Senate continued introducing proposals to raise income taxes in an attempt to reduce a $1 billion budget shortfall. According to the Baltimore Sun, the Senate is considering raising the income tax for almost every Marylander by a small percentage (1/4%.) The raise would counteract a tax cut made 15 years ago, whereas the House of Delegates is considering a plan that would only target the top 7-10% percent of income earners with a steep increase. Governor Martin O'Malley's proposed plan increases the taxes paid by the top 20% of income earners by reducing their tax exemptions and deductions.

One Response to “House and Senate Considering Raise of Income Tax”

  1. March 03, 2012 at 8:17 pm, Randy Miller said:

    Is Martin O’malley crazy, raising gas tax when
    it’s at it’s highest price. To take the mortgage
    Interest deduction from Marylanders at the worst
    Economic time ever. Raise the income tax on
    The working man , when they are paying every-
    Thing now. Why don’t he go after the lazy people
    That is working the welfare system and send them
    To work. Everything is so high now that the
    Working man can never retire. You’ve already
    Stole all the money out of our Social Security. Why
    Don’t the crooked Politicians take from their salaries
    And put it back in for us to retire on. You taxed
    Us to clean up the bay, then stoles the money
    And used it for something else, now you want
    Us to pay more and put it back in . WE DIDNT
    STEAL IT, YOU DID!!!!! Quit stealing from the
    Working man .


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