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House Democrats Ask Gov. Hogan To Issue Order On Police Reform

June 16th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

WBAL reports House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones and the entire House Democratic caucus on Tuesday asked Gov. Larry Hogan to issue an executive order on police reform. “This is not a partisan issue: I don’t care who gets the credit. We need to start implementing policing changes now,” Jones said in a statement. “With the stroke of the pen, Governor Hogan has the power to save someone’s life today.”

In a letter, lawmakers asked Hogan to ban the police use of chokeholds, require that deadly force is only used to stop an imminent threat to an officer or citizen, require officers to intervene if they see another officer using unnecessary force, implement an early warning citizen to identify incidents and retrain officers, ban shooting at vehicles, and require that every state law enforcement officer sign a sanctity of life pledge.

Mike Ricci, a spokesman for Hogan, said the governor's staff received the letter Tuesday afternoon and is "reviewing it closely."

More changes could come out of a House workgroup on police misconduct.

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