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Incident at Keyser High School Alarms community

May 20th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

The Mineral Tribune reports a incident at Keyser High School Wednesday spread across social media today after parents received a SchoolReach message about a rumored threat to the school. Added to the confusion was a visit to the KHS campus by a military Black Hawk helicopter that morning, which was actually there to transport the county superintendent to another school in the state. According to Mike Lewis, Keyser High School principal, there was an incident at the school Wednesday where a student had made an inappropriate comment to other students. It was reported that the comment came after the student had received teasing from some other students. Lewis said the statement prompted an immediate response from the staff, which included himself, vice principal Loretta Mick, and resource officer Buddy Ellifritz.
Added personnel and law enforcement were called to the school  for added safety.

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