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Increase In Criminal Activity And Vagrancy Becoming A Concern For Canal Place Aurhority

September 30th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

An increase in criminal activity and a growing number of vagrants are becoming a concern for the Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority. During this month’s regular meeting, executive director Dee Dee Ritchie informed the board that she has been in contact with the Cumberland Police Department about the situation and is hoping an increased law enforcement presence may help…


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  1. James:

    Hopefully a very brutal winter will purge Cumberland of the homeless. Then they can move somewhere perennially warm and stay there. Or they can choose to freeze. Either way they won’t be breaking into the Canal Place Shoppes which is a good thing.

  2. Zufall:

    And they think a small brewery without food and a boat launch will save their behinds?

    Canal Place and WMSR all need a leadership change with people who know what they are doing. The mismanagement is a total disgrace to the area.

  3. kevin:

    > They can always build a tent city on the Washington Street Bridge – cars can’t use it – put it to some use!

  4. j.r. lepley:

    when we get the new spa,they will have a nice place to hang out!!!!!!

  5. Mark:

    > LMAO, sure the homeless did the break ins and piled what they stole on the sidewalk, where no one could find it!! Or they just walk around town carrying it UNnoticed! Spoken like a true sociopath & heartless Republican idiot.

  6. Jay:

    Come on Zufall. They’re bring in food trucks!

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