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Issue Raises Questions On Transparency Of Board And County Business

February 19th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

While it appears both board’s are now on the same page, the manner in which a recent request from the county commissioners to the board of education played out raises some questions as to how transparent county and school board business is being conducted. Allegany County Commissioner Mike McKay in January had made a request that the county position of nonvoting, ex officio member of the board of education be eliminated, indicating that his schedule made it difficult to attend those sessions. However, after the school board voted 4-0 last week to reject that request, McKay withdrew it- saying there is no need to split the community. The muddled portion of the story in one both sides. A January letter from School Board Attorney Gary Hanna to the county indicated that the board was in consensus to accept McKay’s request. Public comments made by the board a week later however, indicated strong opposition to the idea. Board vice president Laurie Marchini, appearing on WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show” admitted that the board members may have sent conflicting messages…

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