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Jackson Chastises Board for Lack of Transparency

January 31st, 2019 by WCBC Radio

For the third consecutive meeting, the new Allegany County Board of Education was taken to task for a perceived lack of transparency.  Carmen Jackson, a school board candidate last year,  chastised the board during this week’s public meeting held at Fort Hill High School. Her primary concern is the manner in which the board, at its January 8th meeting, fired longtime board attorney Gary Hanna and replaced him with the firm of Geppert, McMullen, Paye and Getty. Those actions were handled behind closed doors and not in a public session. In addition, the decision to hire the new firm was apparently made after a conversation between board members David Bohn and Robert Farrell- and did not involve the other members. Jackson said handling key decisions outside the view of the public and without the participation of the full board, is not a practice she wants to see this new school board embrace. She said what happened to Gary Hanna could just as easily happen to anyone else- including Superintendent David Cox…

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