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Jaycees Announce WIng-Off donation recipients

August 24th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

The Western Maryland Jaycees are proud to announce the donation recipients from the 8th Annual Thomas Cumberland Tri-State Wing-Off and Music Festival. 

On June 16th at the Ali Ghan Shrine Club Festival Grounds, thousands of people from all over the east coast flocked to Cumberland to enjoy a beautiful day filled with family fun, great music and, of course, some seriously delicious wings.  Little did these festival-goers know that by simply attending this event, they were supporting a number of notable organizations within the community.

For the past 8 years, the Western Maryland Jaycees have hosted the Wing-Off and it has grown beyond expectations.  So large in fact that the group has to reach out to other local partners for assistance to help make the event run smoothly.  And by doing so, they have generated many great partnerships through donating a large portion of the proceeds back to the assisting organizations.  This year’s contributions include:

  • Friends Aware:  $2,500
  • Frankfort High School Cheerleaders:  $1,176
  • ABATE of Western Maryland:  $2,025
  • Friends of C.H.I.P.:  $780
  • Frankfort High School Volleyball:  $840
  • American Cancer Society:  $924
  • Miss Falcon Contestants (Frankfort Athletic Boosters):  $672
  • F.O.P. Lodge 90:  $500
  • Burlington Youth Baseball:  $2,000
  • Holding Hands for Haley Foundation:  $630
  • Frankfort High School Girls Basketball:  $728
  • WVU Medical Childrens:  $1,500

“It has actually become a great way to gain community support and help spread the word about the true mission of the event” says Matt Miller, Tri-State Wing-Off Chair Person.

The groups interested must fill out an application that is posted on the event website to be considered as a supporting group.  They must also be affiliated with a 501c3, 501c4 or 501c6 organization.  To date, no applicants have been declined.

“We try to take as much help as we can get from as many different qualifying organizations as possible” explains Miller.  “We simply could not do the event without these remarkable groups who have become big contributors to the Wing-Off”

In the past 8 years, The Western Maryland Jaycees have donated nearly $60,000 to local non-profit groups and organizations through direct contributions made by the Wing-Off.  For more information about the Tri-State Wing-Off visit

The Western Maryland Jaycees is a volunteer organization of active citizens ages 21-40 that helps young people find their own power to improve the world, positively impact the lives of others, become part of a global network and find personal purpose

For more information about how to become a member of the Western Maryland Jaycees visit

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