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John Sangiovani Candidate For City Council Talks About Rolling Mill Project

August 15th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

John Sangiovani is known to many people in the area due to his long service with the Allegany County Department of Social Services- however he hopes to replace that title later this year with City Councilman.  Sangiovani is one of five candidates seeking one of two open seats on the Cumberland City Council. With only five candidates, there was no primary necessary and the candidates are just now beginning to campaign in ernest. WCBC News talked with Sangiovani about the issue generating the most controversy these days- the Rolling Mill project. That project will see some sixty homes demolished to make way for a commercial development. There are about a dozen holdouts, not willing to sell and the idea of eminent domain- while not being discussed by the council- could be an option at one point…


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