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Krysztoforski Seeking Republican Nomination For Maryland’s 6th District

March 7th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Joe Krysztoforski wants to lead Maryland's 6th Congressional District and the country away from the financial decisions Congress has made in the past dozen years. He says it’s a general lack of leadership bothers him most. Campaigning in Cumberland this week for Maryland’s Sixth District Congressional seat- the man who describes himself as a constitutional republican believes in term limits. He is attempting to oust republican Roscoe Bartlett who has held the seat going on 20 years.  Krysztoforski said he would serve no more than three terms. Six years is enough time to make a difference, he says, and it would be time then for new ideas. This is the second time he has sought the Republican nomination in the district; the first try in 2006 was to gain name recognition. While there are any number of issues that he and Bartlett may differ on, the ruling this week by a Maryland judge that the state’s gun permit law is unconstitutional is something they both have applauded….

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