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Lawsuit Filed to Place 4th Candidate on Ballot in Maryland’s US Senate Race in November

September 6th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

Dr. Jerome Segal, State Chairman of the newly formed Bread and Roses Party, in Maryland, filed suit Wednesday in Federal Court seeking an injunction that would require the Maryland Board of Elections to place him on the ballot in the November Senate race.  The incumbent, Senator Ben Cardin (D) is up for re-election. If Segal wins his suit, it will be a four-way race as Cardin is already running against Republican Tony Campbell and Independent (multi-millionaire) Neal Simon.


Segal ran unsuccessfully against Senator Cardin in the Democratic Primary in June. He was one of seven opponents to Cardin who split the 20% of the Democratic vote against Cardin. Segal came in second among the challengers, following Chelsea Manning.


To be placed on the ballot Segal will have to overcome two legal hurdles discussed at length in the complaint he filed with the courts. The first pertains to whether Bread and Roses obtained 10,000 valid signatures on its petition to be recognized as a new political party in Maryland. The State maintains that the Party fell 227 short because over 1,200 petition signers failed to sign with their middle initial. Segal challenged the Constitutionality of this criteria.


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