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Letter To The Editor Criticizes Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Experience

December 1st, 2011 by WCBC Radio

A letter to the editor appearing in Wednesday’s Cumberland Times News from a Points, West Virginia woman painted an unflattering portrait of her experience on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. The woman said that while the brochure promised breathtaking scenery, historical landmarks, and country living- she instead says she and her family saw “rocks, fallen dead trees and dried leaves, along with lots of trash, old rubber tires, beer cans, beer bottles, old rusted-out cars”.  In addition she says there was no heat on the train, no heat in any of the buildings up at the Frostburg station, the gift shop, or museum- and that she wasn’t allowed to stay on the train during the hour and a half layover in Frostburg.  Allegany County Tourism Director Barb Buehl said that she is sorry the woman didn’t enjoy her ride, noting however that late November isn’t the best time to get a real feel for the experience of the scenic railroad…

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  1. December 01, 2011 at 9:22 am, Sam L. said:

    Dave, I’m writing to address 2 topics. The first you have been dealing with for months. Specifically, why gas is cheater per/gallon on eastern shore. Did not the eastern shore request our governor/legilator to provide help due to drop in tourism when the economy went belly-up in 2008. The state, if my memory is correct, reduced the state gas tax to help.
    The second topic was Ms.Buehl’s comments reference the rider of our scenic train and the trash along the track. Ms. Buehl’s comments are so very typical to what happens to frequentily to people who provide any criticism – attack to individuals view/comments. The rider rode wrong season of year. Alex Trebic had a wonderful time etc. etc. Why not just admit improvement in various areas are needed.


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