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Local Participant in “Million MAGA March”: Safety Protocols Were Followed

November 19th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

This past Saturday, a local group of Donald Trump supporters chartered a bus to travel to Washington for the “Million MAGA March”event- and while the trip went off without a hitch- pictures from the bus posted on social media caused a firestorm of debate and controversy. One picture taken inside the bus from the front showed most seats filled and very few if any masks or face coverings. Many of the comments posted on the page blasted those on the bus as being irresponsible for failing to follow COVID safety protocols- still others identified some of the individuals in the photo. Deb Livengood from the Ridgeley/Short Gap area was a passenger and she tells WCBC News that those criticisms are unfounded and unfair. She says safety instructions were provided at the start of the trip- and that those protocols were followed…