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Local Students Pepper Eastern West Virginia College Honors

January 20th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College is pleased to announce its honors lists for the fall 2019 semester.

The President's List for Spring 2019 consists of students who earned a grade point average (GPA) of 4.0 or higher and twelve or more credit hours. The list is as follows: Amy Auville, Shawn Bowen, Melanie Callaway, Dylan Combs, Matthew Crislip, Maegan Curran, Hanna Dunham, Casey Goldizen, Ian Guckavan, Kayla Hedrick, Cing Huai, Cali Kessel, Georgia Ketterman, Ashleigh Kimble, Sierra McCaslin, Lindsay Miller, Anitra Moyers, Jacob Myers, Paul Ours, Levi Pownall, Lance Purol, Rachel Runions, Tyler Simmons, Faith Solecki, Brian Sowers, Makayla Sullivan, Ashley Tilley, and Elizabeth Woodson.

The Dean's List consists of students who earned a GPA 3.5 or higher and nine or more credit hours. This list is as follows: Lauren Bacorn, Peter Barstow, Hanna Carlson, Wendy Combs, Chase Corbin, Jodee Crites, Brandee Dean, Nicholas Falcone, Brittani Fertig, Shayla Hartman, Tina Judy, Adonica Keplinger, Crystal Kuykendall, Christina Lafollette,  Ashley Marple, Brandi McClure, Brianna McDonald, Ashley McNeill, Hailee Miller, Jordan Mongold, Haley Myers, Ellen Nickelson, Tayla Ours, Jennifer Parks, Gwendolyn Reese, Courtney Rexrode, Jessica Ruddle, Makailyn Ruddle, Tiffany Sentman, Isaiah Smith, Emily Trail, Mark Veach, Melissa Walker, Makayla Whelan, and Dezira Wright.

The Merit List consists of students who earned a GPA of 3.25 or higher and 6 or more credit hours. The list is as follows: Brittany Amtower, Halee Apple, Hayden Baldwin, Caden Barbour, Christopher Barnes, Allison Barr, Megan Benner, Morgin Bennett, Tanner Bennett, Julie Bowen, Elijah Butler, Sarah Combs, Clare Connor, Nicole Cook-Tusing, Mikayla Costanzo-Watson, Heather Crites, Tina Crites, Vincent Cyrus, Teresa Davis, Ashlynn Dolby, Patrick Epperly, Kaci Fent, Madalynn Flick, Christina Forson, Anthony Friddle, Wesley Garrett, Olivia Goff, Jacob Green, Amber Hakola, Sydney Hardy, Cali Harper, Audrey Helman, Jessica Helman, Kennedie Hinger, Kaitlyn Hoover, Lindsey Houck, Victoria Humphries, Michelle Johnson, Chelsea Keller, Amanda Kern, Hannah Koontz, Karley Kyle, Alisha Lowery, Taylor Martin, Donna McCauley, Madison McGregor, Kendra McIntyre, Carissa Michael, Samantha Mick, Allyssa Morgan, Tony Nesselrodt, Gracie O'Neill, Lane Ours, Gracie Rapp, Tiara Redman, Calei Reel, Leticia Rico, Anna Riggleman, Stephanie Riley, Lindsey Rinker, Alyssa Roberts, Jenny Rodgers, Rebecca Roy, Rilei Rutherford, Marissa Simmons, Braiden Sites, Regan Sites, Danielle Smith, Karlee Smith, Madison Strawderman, Nicole Thompson, Diana Tyree, Kaylee VanDevander, Maria VanMeter, Chase Vance, Adrianna Waldron, Keely Weikle, Rebecca Whetzel, and Alexandria Wyman. 

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