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Many Animals Finding Homes

July 18th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

Lost in some of the bickering and debate at last week’s Allegany County Animal Control Board meeting was the fact that while the Shelter is still dealing with ways to eradicate canine and feline illnesses- many animals finding homes along with a low euthanization rate. Dick DeVore, the county’s emergency management division chief said that the shelter is not accepting any owner-surrendered animals because of an outbreak of canine parvovirus and a similar feline disease- and that currently no dogs and cats are coming in, and none are being allowed to leave the shelter. Overall however in recent months, adoptions have been good. Much of the more emotional debate at the meeting centered on the so-called “no kill” philosophy that many argue has been put into place at the shelter. Devore maintains that there has been no official policy change, however he acknowledges that more attention is given than ever before to making sure every possible effort is exercised to see animals kept healthy and alive and ready for adoption. Devore says he has regrets that he was involved in previous practices for many years that were less vigilant about alternative options to euthanizing cats and dogs…

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