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Maryland Senate President Ferguson pushes bill-limit proposal

September 5th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Members of the Maryland Senate would face a limit on the number of bills they can introduce under a proposal crafted by the chamber’s presiding officer, Sen. Bill Ferguson, and other senior lawmakers.

WTOP reports the move is intended to reduce the workload on legislative bill-drafters, who are deluged with requests from legislators, particularly in December and January. The change would also likely lead to shorter committee hearings.

Under the proposal, each senator would be allowed to request that 30 bills or resolutions be drafted in a legislative session. They could then submit 25 of the 30 for formal consideration by the body.

To encourage lawmakers to get their requests in early — before the legislature convenes — senators would be allowed to pre-file up to five bills that would not count against their cap.

One Response to “Maryland Senate President Ferguson pushes bill-limit proposal”

  1. September 05, 2020 at 10:34 am, mac said:

    It’s about time that the senators reduce their workload as they have been accomplishing too much. There is no reason that any senator should propose more legislation when they can put an artificial limit on the amount of work that they can and should do. More time for golf and schmoozing with contributors.


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