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McKay Addresses Rolling Mill Project

October 22nd, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Criticism of the proposed Maryland Avenue Revitalization Project has toned down recently-  at least publicly, but there are still dozens of citizens in the Rolling Mill area of town concerned about their future living arrangements. The plans call for homes and buildings in that part of town to be razed to create space for commercial use.  The Rolling Mill, which parallels CSX railroad tracks, extends from Baltimore Avenue south to Lamont Street and east to Maryland Avenue.  The renewal project has been met with mixed reaction from residents with some saying they received very little advanced notice.  Last week County Commissioner Bill Valentine urged Cumberland officials to extend the best relocation assistance program possible for individuals, particularly the elderly, who could be displaced by the project.  1C Delegate Mike McKay this week addressed the subject during the city council meeting and offered his endorsement of the project…


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