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McKay Concerned With 911 Call

December 16th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

Although officials at Allegany County’s 911 Division said they will change procedures after a dispatcher failed to send police to a murder scene after taking a call from a concerned neighbor- questions remain as to how such a call to 911 did not result in the dispatching of law enforcement. On Friday night,  September 5th, a call from a neighbor of Lisa Ann Simmons reporting hearing screams coming from her home- also noted that there had been a history of domestic disputes between Simmons and her boyfriend.  Simmons’ body was found 11 weeks later after her boyfriend, Stephen Schleuniger, confessed to the crime and directed police to her remains. Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the story, is that the 911 dispatcher essentially told the caller that it was up to him if police should be sent to the location. Allegany County Commissioner Mike Mckay told WCBC News he is hestitant to comment on the specifics, but said he shares the same concerns as others. Emergency Management Director Dick Devore will discuss the situation Tuesday on WCBC's "Dave Norman Show"

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