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Momentum Gaining To Abolish Ex-Officio Seats

March 14th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Momentum is gaining in Annapolis for legislation that would abolish ex-officio seats for county commissioners on the Allegany and Garrett County boards of education. Similar bills have passed with no opposition in the full Senate- and this week in a house committee. Now that version will go to the full house for a vote.  A commissioner in both counties holds an ex-officio seat on the board of education as a nonvoting member, but with the right to attend closed executive sessions. It became a point of controversy and a bit of a rollercoaster issue last year between the commissioners and school board in Allegany County. At first Commissioner Mike McKay suggested abolishing the position, but the board was against it. Later in the summer, after further review, board member Ed Root proposed that given the sensitive issues such as collective bargaining and personnel items that are discussed in closed session-   school board members didn’t want the ex-officio present…


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