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Morriss Sets the Record Straight Regarding Support for Medical Marijuana

March 18th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

The metal roadblock placed across Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s drive-thru lane by the city of Cumberland has been removed, as it appears a nearly one-year-old dispute is close to being resolved. The City had taken issue with owner George Merling constructing the drive-thru without a permit, as well as the project impacting the structural integrity of the flood control wall. While it appears the two sides have reached an agreement on the drive-thru, there remains some animosity. Merling argues that he has been singled out by Mayor Ray Morriss, telling WCBC News that the mayor is not a supporter of the medical cannibas industry. Discussing the situation on Wednesday’s “Dave Norman Show” on WCBC, Mayor Morriss said he has no problem whatsoever with medical marijuana, pointing out that the city has benefitted from the business…