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Natural Gas Bills Expected To Rise

October 24th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

WBAL reports you can expect to pay a bit more for natural gas this year as the home heating season gets underway. The U. S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration is talking about $36 more per household on average region wide for gas this winter. That's about a 5 percent increase, and it is based on expectations about the winter weather coupled with costs of obtaining the gas at the wellhead. Neil Gamson with EIA said the figures are for much of the region and not necessarily limited to Maryland. Heating season projections are expected sometime this week. Gamson said costs can vary based on factors such as how high a thermostat is set, whether the home is well insulated, and if the winter is especially cold. According to Garnson the average household in the Northeast might pay $1,083 this year compared with $1,047 last year…

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