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New State Schools Superintendent: Let’s not Settle for Normal

July 29th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

WBAL reports Maryland's new state school superintendent in his first public meeting said he's eager to move Maryland beyond what was once considered normal. Mohammad Choudhury's comments came on the heels of a post-COVID-19 education report. The results cover the period of time from mid-April until the end of this past school year – that's when students were starting to return to in-person instruction. Now a new report on fourth-quarter attendance and achievement, presented to the state board of education, helped to shed light on student results. Those results show that between seven and 14 systems, the rate of students failing this term was about the same as the rate of students failing in the previous year's term. In a later board report, Choudhury, using state and national data, seemed concerned about using the past to plan for the future…