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O’Malley Appears Before Committees Considering Repeal Of Death Penalty

February 15th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley appeared before a pair of legislative committees considering a bill to repeal the death penalty. The bill contains language so that lawmakers and not voters will have the final say on the issue. The bill requires that starting next year the state budget includes an additional $500,000 a year for the state’s crime victim assistance fund.  The legislation state’s that money for the victim’s fund is the result of the state’s savings from eliminating the death penalty.  The governor has argued the state will save money by eliminating the death penalty.  However, by including this language in the bill, this bill becomes an appropriations bill, and therefore cannot be petitioned to go on the ballot next year.  A judge could always rule otherwise. Senate President Mike Miller says he would favor stripping the appropriation language from the bill.  He told reporters Thursday that the language is a "subterfuge" to prevent bringing the issue before voters.  If the bill is put to the voters, Miller believes they would strongly reject a repeal…

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