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Opponents Of Gerrymandered Districts In MD Not Giving Up Fight

July 4th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Despite a ruling last month by the highest court- opponents of gerrymandered districts in Maryland are not ending the fight.  Last week the Supreme Court ruled that partisan gerrymandering is a political question and that the courts do not have a role to play in reviewing those claims. Federal courts in five states had concluded that redistricting plans put in place under one party’s control could go too far and that there were ways to identify and manage excessively partisan districts. But the five Republican-appointed justices decided otherwise. The decision effectively reverses the outcome of rulings in Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio, where courts had ordered new maps drawn and ends proceedings in Wisconsin, where a retrial was supposed to take place this summer after the Supreme Court last year threw out a decision on procedural grounds. Joanne Antoine, executive director of Common Cause Maryland said she was disappointed in the ruling.  Antoine said Common Cause Maryland will continue to work with Governor Hogan to convince lawmakers to set up a redistricting commission…


One Response to “Opponents Of Gerrymandered Districts In MD Not Giving Up Fight”

  1. July 04, 2019 at 3:49 pm, kevin said:

    The court case gives the Democrats full license to wipe out all republican districts, so I don’t expect them to give up that power, given what the GOP has done in other states.


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