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Opposition to WV Governor’s Tax Reform Proposal Mounting

March 19th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

West Virginia business groups are opposing key parts of Republican Governor Jim Justice’s proposal to cut the personal income tax because it includes other tax hikes. The roadblocks come as the legislature has less than a month before its annual 60-day session concludes on April 10.  Republicans control a supermajority in both chambers and have made reforming the income tax — which makes up more than half of the state’s budget — a top priority. But industry groups are not on board, arguing Justice’s current plan shifts the tax burden from individuals to their companies and mom-and-pop shops. There are a bevy of other tax increases to offset the cut, including taxing luxury items that cost at least $5,000 and increases to taxes on soft drinks, cigarettes, barrels of beer and other alcohol, and fossil fuel production. For his part, Justice has been holding a series of virtual town halls to promote his plan…