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Pa. freezes paychecks for 9,000 state employees amid coronavirus fallout

April 3rd, 2020 by WCBC Radio

 Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration on Friday told nearly 9,000 state employees — more than 10% of its workforce — that it will stop paying them by the end of next week in order to reduce spending as the coronavirus shutdown continues to batter the economy.

The affected employees have jobs that cannot be completed through teleworking, according to the administration, which began shuttering state offices in mid-March to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Starting April 11, those workers will have to use vacation, sick, or other personal leave time if they want to continue receiving paychecks. Otherwise, they can file for unemployment.

It is unclear how long the state will withhold paychecks, although Wolf has said that state offices will remain closed until at least April 30. The administration said it will continue providing health care benefits for all affected workers.

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  1. jim:

    Ask each of these 9000 people if they think shutting all business down to stop people from getting a cough or sore throat was the right course of action.

  2. John P:

    No I’m sorry you can’t feed your family anymore

  3. Joe Wellberg:

    This is just the beginning of the End to the shut down everything. Where is the supporters of that right now. Talking suicidal thoughts

  4. Brian:

    So people that actually work have to show up and do something physical get laid off meanwhile people can sit in their basement in their pajamas keep making money

  5. Joe Wellberg:

    > Brian this shut down crap is proving that shutting down everything doesn’t work. I think the shut down everything crowd are all sitting at home playing who can drink so much vodka in 2 minutes or Russian Roulette.

  6. Brian:

    That’s not what I’m pissed off about how come white collar workers keep getting paid while blue collar workers lose their jobs

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