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Panhandling Legislation Introduced

February 21st, 2012 by WCBC Radio

After hearing requests from the Allegany County Commissioners and Sheriff Craig Robertson last year- a bill to control panhandling was  filed late last month by Delegate Kevin Kelly. Kelly introduced the legislation at the behest of local officials who expressed concern with seeing an obvious increase in panhandling in the area. Robertson was responding to complaints from the public. The existing law makes it difficult for the sheriff and his deputies to do anything about the problem of people asking for money. The main concentration of the panhandlers has been in the LaVale area between Country Club Mall and Braddock Square. The panhandlers also seem to be active on nearby National Highway.  Kelly’s bill would amend a state law already on the books, to apply to Allegany County. That law bans solicitation along public roadways. Allegany County Attorney Bill Rudd said in order for any bill to be effective, it must involve States Attorney Michael Twigg…

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